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  • The right workout clothes may just convince you to hit the gym more often. Vuori makes our favorite workout gear for men that is not only high performance but very comfortable, too.

The ladies aren’t the only ones who need workout clothesthat are comfortable, functional, and look good at both the gym and on the go. After all, how’s a guy supposed to impress a date either at spin class or out on the town without a nice pair of shorts and a well-fitted tee? If part of your strategy in selecting workout gear is as much fashion as it is function, there are plenty of options these days that will help you look good at the gym.

Some of our favorite men’s workout gear is capable of taking guys on a wide range of activities. After all, your exercise regimen isn’t one-dimensional (and neither are you) so why should your clothes be any different?

We’ve come a long way from our high school gym rooms, and so too have the wardrobe options available to us. The new wave of men’s workout gear wants to help you perform your best by keeping you cool and comfortable. And while your gym clothes certainly ought to be ready for even the most strenuous of exercise regimens, they also need to be presentable enough for you to wear outside of your workout environment.

When determining what kind of workout gear you need to accommodate your lifestyle, you’ll need to consider the type of exercise you do most often. Clothes, after all, are just another tool that can either help or hinder you, so be sure you’re buying the right gear for the right activity.

Ability to withstand cycles in the washing machine will also be key to quality in terms of workout gear. Chances are, you’ll be sweating through these clothes a lot, and (hopefully), putting them in the laundry quite often. If you’re buying flimsily made clothing, you’ll have to replace them a lot more often.

Finally, you might want to consider how multi-purpose you want your clothes to be. Are you only going to wear those joggers to the gym, or are they also for lounging around? Is that long sleeve tee just as good for your run as it is for running errands on the weekend?

Today’s active gear ought to double as gear for an active lifestyle, so be sure that whatever you’re buying is capable of as many reps as you are. That said, regardless of what workout gear you choose from the following options, you’ll be in good hands.

Although Vuori makes our favorite workout gear, you might consider Wolaco if you’re a runner, MPG if you’re on a budget, Rhone for sweaty workouts, and Olivers for superior comfort.

The best workout gear overall

The best workout gear overallVuori

Why you’ll love it: Vuori’s clothing is both lightweight and comfortable, which makes it a breeze to work out inside or outside during summer.

It’s obvious that Vuori takes its inspiration from the beach that’s just a stone’s throw away from its headquarters in Encinitas, California. The workout gear from this company may just make you think that you’re on the West Coast, what with its comfortable, lightweight fit.

In particular, we (which is to say my boyfriend, who served as my guinea pig for testing the shorts, and I) loved the Trail Short, an opinion that appears to be quite widely held by folks across the web and happy customers.

The Trail Short is the lightest weight all-purpose pair of shorts from Vuori. The shorts have an elastic waist, supportive Coolmax anti-odor liner, and an athletic fit. The shorts also come with front pockets and a back zip pocket, as well as an iPhone holder in the liner.

Running NW noted that the “fit and cut are definitely made by athletes,” pointing to the “construction and wear of [the] trail short” as evidence. Indeed, these did seem to be comfortable shorts to run in, as the soft material didn’t give way to chafing or any other unpleasantness. Reviewers on Vuori’s website called the shorts “all around great,” and one went so far as to say that they were “hands down the best running shorts I’ve ever worn.”

Also beloved in the Vuori line are the Tradewind Performance shirt and the company’s perennially popular joggers. The Tradewind Tee is the company’s “most technical” in the lineup, featuring micro perforation for ventilation, flatlock seams, and a front chest pocket. The shirt promises to wick moisture and dry quickly, making it perfect for a run, a hot yoga session, or anything in between.

Delta Grade noted that the fit is “flattering” without being too “form-fitting,” and calls it a “very comfortable and subtle activewear shirt that can be worn to the gym or on any casual day.”

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