7 Activities One Must Engage in While in Aspen


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Aspen is the natural and luxurious winter paradise where people from far and near go to enjoy their vacation. The most densely populated municipality of Pitkin County, USA; Aspen is located in a very remote area of the Elk mountain ranges and the Saswatch range of the Rocky mountains. With a population of just around 6,000 along with being bestowed with natural bounties; this region is just an invitation to spend one’s vacations. If you are planning for a vacation in here with friends or family, but are stressed about accommodation, keep a note that Aspen luxury homes are a thing and you will be able to relax in there after arriving in Aspen from a long journey.

Now that you have arrived, let’s cross off some things from the checklist which you should definitely do:

Enjoy a panoramic view from the Independence Pass

Independence pass is one of Aspen’s treasures. Bordering by the Twin Lakes on one side and with Aspen on the other, it towers at a height of over 12,000 feet above sea level; this peak allows you to enjoy unparalleled natural views as well as the chance to take in all that makes Colorado a treasure to behold. Independence pass also acts as a solo Aspen treasury sometimes in winter when the snow doesn’t allow public access to many locations. But with its unique pairing of beautiful weather coupled with heart touching sights makes this place a treasure. You can catch a look at Mount Elbert in the east if you go through this pass.

Go for a hike along the Maroon Peak Trail

This trail offers up a particularly distinctive combination of stunning Colorado magic along with beautiful recreation. Stretching for 18 km in the total duration, the curving and winding paths of one of Colorado’s finest outdoor are popular, especially when the weather is hot. Summers is the time when the tail breathes and comes alive with gangs of hikers, walkers and others who are just looking forward to enjoying the sun. The whole path curves around a local lake that is a haven for birdwatchers. The best part is that dogs can accompany their owners on the Maroon Peak Trail, but only with a leash.

Go explore the Smuggler Mine

The oldest functioning silver mine in Aspen will certainly give fuel to your adventurous spirit. Located on Smuggler Mountain, the mine is amongst the best of the remaining authentic mines in the region. It is actually still in operation. You will be able to take a tour and discover what an authentic mine looks and feels like as well as get to know a part of the region’s history.

Go for a climb up the Collegiate Peaks

Commonly said to be the best section of the Saswatch Range, the Collegiate peaks are ideal for a hiking expedition. The name Collegiate Peaks actually comes from a portmanteau world formation that combined the names of Mount Harvard, Mount Yale, and Mount Oxford. Moreover, they all have their individual peaks. The summits boast of high treelines and as expected, give of the purest of air. We would recommend that you try out the Lake Anne Trail excursion that will take you to a beautiful water body located at about 11,000 feet above the sea level. There are local roads which pass along the majority of the peaks so you can explore as much as you want without worrying about being far from civilization.

Show some appreciation for the things on display at the Baldwin Gallery

An artistic staple of the region, the Baldwin gallery is iconic for its international and local works of art which are showcased in a constantly changing range of mediums and exhibits. Works from a wide variety of artists are showcased in here, all under a single roof. This list includes sculptor Bryan Hunt, painter Jennifer Bartlett and more. An art lover’s paradise and even if you can’t be bothered with art, you will surely be impressed with the installation and video works that showcase the intense artistic quality.

Time to go for a tour all around the famous Wheeler-Stallard House

A fine example of a Queen-Anne style home, the Wheeler-Stallard House is made up of old 1880s bricks. The location has served as the Aspen Historical Society, which serves as a custodian of the local history from 1969. Currently, the house has been transformed into a museum, which features a range of constantly changing exhibits that are meant to hold up a snapshot of life as it was moved out in the 19th century. Along with this, you will also find civil war swords, top hats and a lot more to witness. As for admission pricing- we can assure you that it is within an affordable range.

Go out exploring the wild along the Crater Lake Trail

It starts off at the same point as the Maroon Peak Trail and allows one to view some of the most amazing sights and sounds which make the Maroon Trail so famous. The Crater Lake Trail is best visited during the summers as it is the time when you will be able to taste the full flavour of a cozy Aspen summer. The trail is less than 7kms in total distance and thus, pretty easily accessible. This is a site which should not be missed, especially if you are here in Aspen for some peace and quiet.

Aspen is the perfect place for a vacation for people who just want to get lost amongst its gentle breeze and sounds, all while keeping their options open for engaging in some winter sports. So pack your bags and book that plane for a vacation never experienced before.

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